1 Department of Information and Communication Technology Training services of SP-13-Women Freelancer-Khulna Division-21 Upazila for the “Her Power Project: Empowerment of Women Through ICT Frontier Initiative” 05/11/2023
2 NGO FORUM for Public Health Fixed Assets Management Software design, development, implementation and maintenance 09/10/2023
3 Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Human Resource Information System (HRIS) including Android Mobile Apps 19/09/2023
4 Naval Store Sub Depot, Bangladesh Navy BN Officers’ Information System (BNOIS) 27/08/2023
5 Bureau of Non-Formal Education(BNFE), Ministry of Primary and Mass Education Training Management System 04/07/2023
6 Bureau of Non-Formal Education(BNFE), Ministry of Primary and Mass Education Upgradation and Support services of Accounting System, Learner Profile System and Leave Management System 27/06/2023
7 Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs E-Library Management System 07/06/2023
8 National Skill Development Authority(NSDA) Consultancy Services for Developing Competency Based Learning Materials (CBLM) for Selected Occupations 18/05/2023
9 Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry Customize Software Development and Implementation 30/04/2023
10 Institute Of Information Technology(IIT)University Of Dhaka “Hire and Train” program under the funding of Enhancing Digital Government and Economy (EDGE) Project of Bangladesh Computer Council 10/04/2023
11 Department of inspection for Factories & Establishment, Ministry of Labour and Employment Selection of Consulting firm for Design, Development, Implementation, maintenance & support of Labour Information Management System (LIMS) in Bangladesh Labour Information Management System (LIMS) Project 21/03/2023
12 Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority, Information and Communication Technology Division, Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications & Information Technology IT/ITES Training, Establishment of IT/Hi-Tech Parks at District Level (12 Districts) Project 15/02/2023
13 Naval Store Sub Depot, Bangladesh Navy Management Information and Planning Support System (MIAPSS) Software 08/01/2023
14 Ministry of Civil Aviation Authority Bangladesh Mobile Apps Development of “Airport Sohayika” 22/11/2022
15 Islamic Foundation, Agargaon, Dhaka Selection of Consultant Services for Development of Educational Management System, MIS & Mobile Apps Development and other related services 19/10/2022
16 Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Online store management software 15/08/2022
17 A A Rashayan Shilpa Ltd. Supply & Installation of VAT Software 20/06/2022
18 Bureau of Non formal Education (BNFE) ‘NFE Learner’s Profile System Software Development. 01/06/2022
19 National Human Rights Commission Microsoft Office Home and Business License 2019 30/05/2022
20 Master chef by Nazim Khan Development & Implementation of Website 19/05/2022
21 Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry Development & Implementation of Website 13/04/2022
22 Energy & Mineral Resource Division Supply & Installation of Online Store Management system 21/03/2022
23 Ministry of Textile & Jute Supply & Installation of Data Management Software 02/03/2022
24 Department of Social Services Local Training Management under Human Resources (HR) Management Software of Department of Social Services Project 10/02/2022
25 Directorate General Defense Purchase (DGDP) Development & implementation of e-DP software for DGDP 25/01/2022
26 Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh Design, Develop, Test, commissioning and Managed Service of CAAB independent Website 20/12/2021
27 Combiner Military Hospital Complain Management & Billing Management System 14/11/2021
28 Free Life Consulting Co. Ltd. Android & iOS Apps Development 19/01/2021
29 GSCS International Ltd. Audit Software Development 31/01/2021
30 Global Link Trading Corporation Accounting Software 01/02/2021
31 Ministry of Civil Aviation & Tourism E-Library Management System 03/02/2021
32 Ministry of Primary & Mass Education E- Store management system 07/02/2021
33 Counter Terrorism & Transnational Crime Firewall Renewal 18/02/2021
34 Saiuj Consultancy Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Biography Kiosk (e-book) 05/03/2021
35 Silky Secret Website Development 08/04/2021
36 Debonair Group Supply & Installation of HR Software 10/04/2021
37 Gaarikoi Gari Koi App Development 13/04/2021
38 Free Life Consulting Co. Ltd. Resily Web Application Development 12/05/2021
39 Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs File Movement System 18/05/2021
40 Premier Cement Mills Ltd. Supply & Installation of Windows Server 2019 std. OEM 25/05/2021
41 Right Attitude Web Based Real Time Betting System (Phase-1) 01/06/2021
42 GSCS International Ltd. Website Development & Search Engine Optimization 05/07/2021
43 Best Electronics Supply & Installation of HR Software 01/01/2020
44 Ministry of Civil aviation & Tourism Civil Aviation Car Tracking and Meeting room management System 12/01/2020
45 Grey Studio Domain Hosting &Wordpress Website 30/01/2020
46 Spotters Pvt. Ltd. Ride sharing Apps 15/02/2020
47 Ministry of Civil aviation & Tourism Employee management System 26/02/2020
48 Ministry of Primary & Mass Education Leave management System 27/02/2020
49 Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges Digital Android Application Development for Time Attendance System 12/03/2020
50 Move To Budget Based Accounting System 25/03/2020